Hawaii Lantern Slides

3 Hawaii lanternslides are listed in the 1917 publication Visual Education Through Stereographs and Lantern Slides: School Work Visualized and Vitalized on page 16 in the Geographical Classification section "Outlying Possessions of the United States": 259 (10154) Luxuriant vegetation in the Mauna Loa Valley, Hawaii; 260 (10161) With the flag goes the public school - Royal School, Honolulu, Hawaii; 261 (10156) Pretty hula girls. Honolulu, Hawaii.
Information about Ray Jerome Baker lantern slides is available in wikipedia

The lantern slides in this collection were donated to the UHM Library by two donors: the Seiju and Ayako Ifuku family of Honolulu, and Jerry Drew of Monterey, California.

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