Images from the Hawai‘i Congressional Papers Collection

The Hawaiʻi Congressional Papers Collection comprises the archives of Hawaiʻi’s delegates to the U.S. Congress from statehood in 1959 to the present. Collections include letters, photographs, speeches, memos, reports, schedules, and other documents created in the course of the members’ work, as well as material relating to the members’ campaigns and pre- and post-Congress lives. These collections offer a window into Hawai‘i’s--and the nation’s--20th- and 21st-century political history. 

The images here have been selected from the following collections: the Senator Spark M. Matsunaga Papers, the Patricia F. Saiki Papers, the Senator Hiram L. Fong Papers, the Thomas P. Gill Papers, the Senator Daniel K. Inouye Papers, and the K. Mark Takai Papers.

The Hawai‘i Congressional Papers Collection is located in the Hamilton Library at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. It is open to all researchers. (Please review the latest information about access to the archives before planning a visit.)

Collection Items