L-R. Guadalcanal, Fiji, Tonga, Raosiara


L-R. Guadalcanal, Fiji, Tonga, Raosiara

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c. 1955-09



"A number of these slides focus on physical types. I was skeptical of the conventional wisdom that saw Polynesians and Melanesians as distinct 'races.' I thought there was a striking amount of diversity in Melanesia, and suspected that the traditional dichotomy had as much to do with the convenience of a single boundary between two big geographical areas as anything else (except maybe the Europeans' prejudices). Anyway, I was kind of trying to assemble data. This particular group was an exceptional opportunity--it represented, I thought, individuals pretty well conforming to the stereotypes of Polynesian, Fijian, Western Solomoner, and unspecified Melanesian." -- (George Grace, April 2009) See also slide number 037, in which the same four men are pictured. Dr. Grace's planned itinerary called for him to be in Honiara from August 29 through September 13, 1955. He also spent roughly two weeks in the Western Solomon Islands, mainly at the Methodist Mission station in Munda (New Georgia Island) and on Banga Island. While on Banga, Dr. Grace photographed various groups of mission students, identifying them by the islands or regions from which they came. To read more about Dr. Grace's activities in the Solomon and Western Solomon Islands, see TRIPP report 3 in our digitized documents. (Adobe PDF reader required.)