[Magistrate of Rongelap/Rongerik, Joan Anjain (right)]


[Magistrate of Rongelap/Rongerik, Joan Anjain (right)]

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This image was not originally labelled. Identification has been made based on photo reference number 0349.

This image is one of thirty-one photos that Jack Tobin had placed in a manila folder labelled "Ronlap 1957 Insp. Trip by Sec�'y of the Interior and HICOM D. Nucker." The Secretary of the Interior referred to is Frederick A. Seaton, who served as Secretary
from June 8, 1956 through January 20, 1961. The HICOM referred to is Delmas H. Nucker, who served as High Commissioner of the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
from 1954 through 1961. The photos themselves are not dated; however, an account published in The Micronesian Reporter (Vol. 5, issue 5. September-October 1957, p. 4) notes that Seaton arrived on Kwajalein on August 18 and traveled with Tobin, Nucker and others to Rongelap the following day. To read this account via the online Pacific Digital Library project, click here.

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25.5mm x 20.5mm

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"Ronlap 1957 Insp. Trip by Sec’y of the Interior and HICOM D.Nucker" file folders, Jack A. Tobin Photograph Collection