Dakin Fire Insurance Maps

About the Collection

Dakin Publishing Company of San Francisco was one of the most successful producer of fire insurance plans. It was in existence from about 1885 until the early 1960's, actively producing insurance maps from its beginning until the 1920's.

Thanks to Law Library Microform Consortium (LLMC) for providing Hawaii State Archives with the SMA21 scanner. Thanks to Hawaii State Archives for allowing University of Hawaii at Manoa Library staff to work on premises to scan this material.

Note, this is a legacy exhibit prepared by the Preservation Department and Desktop Network Services after the 2004 library flood of a copy of a set of maps from the Hawaii State Archives. The library's originals were severely damaged in the flood.

Digitization Procedures

Maps were scanned by University of Hawaii at Manoa Library Preservation Department staff from the Hawaii State Archives collection in 2007-2008. An SMA21 (manufacturer: SMA Electronic Document GmbH, Södeler Weg 2, 61200 Wölfersheim, Phone +49 6036 98930-10, Fax +49 6036 98930-20)overhead book scanner, with Batch Scan Wizard 3.30 software from Image Access was used. Images were scanned at 300 dpi. Each map was scanned in 2 pieces and the images were later merged using Adobe Photoshop.