Hawaii Lantern Slides

About the Collection

The lantern slides in this collection were donated to the UHM Library by two donors: the Seiju and Ayako Ifuku family of Honolulu, and Jerry Drew of Monterey, California.

Seiju Ifuku, an antique collector, acquired his set of lantern slides through an informal trade with another collector. The donation was arranged by his daughter, Sherie Gusukuma, a former librarian with UHM Library.

Jerry Drew acquired his set of lantern slides from an antique shop in Hot Springs, Arkansas. He believes that his set is one of those used by the Hawaii Tourism Bureau to promote tourism in the early 20th century.

Most of the slides were unlabelled. Some slides may be mirror-image reversed because original orientation is unknown. Identification and additional information about images comes from library staff knowledge and the books Photographers of old Hawaii by Joan Abramason and Hawaiian yesterdays: historical photographs by Ray Jerome Baker edited by Robert E. Van Dyke

For more information about lantern slides see the Magic Lantern Society of
the United States and Canada
and their publication Magic Lantern Gazette

Digitization Procedures

Slides were scanned at 2500dpi color using the transparency function of an Agfa DuoScan flatbed scanner using VueScan software.

The thumbnail-small-medium-large images have been brightened, contrast-enhanced and color-corrected using Corel Paintshop ProX7 to approximate how they might have looked when new. The downloadable full size jpg image has not been enhanced and shows the current darkened condition of the slides.