Great Kanto Earthquake Japan - September 1923

About the Collection

Images: 199 black & white still photos of the Great Kanto Earthquake in Japan, published ca 1923
Scanning and data entry: Zen Ushida, Asia Collection Student Assistant, UHM School of Communications
Metadata consultant: Asako Shiba, Metadata Librarian, UHM Library
Project Team Leader: Tokiko Y. Bazzell, Japan Studies Librarian
Technical Support: UHM Library Desktop Network Service (DNS)

The Asia Collection team created access categories and titles based on the images with the Metadata Librarian's advice. No copyright information is available as of June 2013. The photo album may be supplemental materials to the publication:
The Great earthquake of September 1st, 1923: a record from the reports of the "Japan Chronicle" of the destruction of Yokohama and Tokyo and the other ravages wrought.
Kobe: Japan Chronicle Office.
The album was donated to the UHM Library and processed by the Preservation Department. The original mounted photos have been forwarded to the Library Cataloging Department and will be securely stored in the East Closed Shelves at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Library.
FUNDING SUPPORT: This project was funded by the UHM Library and the National Research Center, East Asia grant

PERMISSION:No permission is needed if images will be used for non-commercial educational purposes, such as class lectures, students' presentations, and academic conference presentations. Please credit the images with the sentence: "From the Great Kanto Earthquake Japan of 1923, courtesy of the UHM Library Asia Collection."
f the images will be used in books, newspapers, documentaries, films, and other forms of media and print, the users must write to the UHM Library Asia Collection to request permission. In the request, please explain the topic, image reference number, and the type of media/print.
コレクションの画像を講義や学生(生徒)のプレゼンテーション、各種学術会議での発表など非営利目的の教育活動に使う場合、使用許可の申請は必要 ありません。ただし、使用の際、写真が「ハワイ大学マノア校図書館アジアコレクション1923年関東大震災写真集画像」の一部であることを 明記してください。コレクションの画像を本、雑誌、新聞、映画などの出版・映像メディアに使用する場合は、事前に文書で当文庫宛てに使用の許可を申請 してください。申請の際には使用するメディア、題材、使用する写真(ID番号とタイトル)を明記してください。

Digitization Procedures

The original album consisted of two photos on one page with basic descriptions in English. A sample matted image is provided under Reference #002.1. The images were cropped after scanning. No image manipulation was applied.
The text on image 1.1 is identical to page 4 of the Great earthquake of September 1st, 1923 publication available digitally from the National Library of Australia: