The Margo Duggan Collection: Slides of Micronesia & Hawaii, 1949-1954

About the Collection

The images in this collection consist of 1,043 color slides and fifty black & white and color prints, which were captured and carefully labeled by Margo Duggan during her time in Micronesia and Hawai'i. The majority of these slides and prints (almost 800) were taken in Micronesia from 1949-1951. The remaining slides were taken in early 1951 in Hawai'i, and on a subsequent (tourist?) trip to Honolulu in 1954.

The collection was kept by Ms. Duggan in cardboard boxes and in plastice slide trays. These were stored in at least five apartments in Medford MA between 1954 and 1985, and then from 1985 through 2005 in the unheated/uncooled attic of Ms. Duggan's sister's home in Chatham, MA, on Cape Cod. In 2003, this home suffered significant water damage as a result of a frozen heating pipe in the room next to the attic storage space. In 2005, after the death of both Ms. Duggan and her sister, the home was sold. In October 2005, just before conveyance of the property, Ms. Duggan's nephew, Ned Daly, salvaged thousands of family photographs from the attic. These included the slides and prints on display here, which he graciously donated to Hamilton Library's Pacific Collection in 2006.

All photo captions in this collection are Margo Duggan's; the majority of these captions were handwritten on the slides, with a small number of prints having typewritten captions on the verso. All have been transcribed as faithfully as possible, with notations made in the online captions where Ms. Duggan's handwriting was illegible. In the rare instances where she did not provide a caption, or where further clarification is needed, we have added text in brackets [], to identify the text as a later addition made by librarians of the Pacific Collection. The "meta-data" that appears on the right side of each slide was produced by the librarians of the Pacific Collection.

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Digitization Procedures

Scanner = Agfa Duoscan Resolution = 400dpi at 100 percent (1.3 x .868 inches for slides; variable sizing — 2x2 to 4x6 inches — for prints.) Certain images in this collection were originally under-exposed. Others have suffered various environmental damage. When scanning, a high resolution, unretouched version was saved for historical purposes. However, in order to make these images more readily viewable online, underexposed or otherwise damaged images were manipulated using Photoshop software -- this manipulation amounted to adjusting color levels, brightness and contrast, and did not involve altering the actual contents of the images.

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