Jean Charlot Collection: José Guadalupe Posada Prints

About the Collection

In 1921 the artist Jean Charlot, working as a muralist in Mexico City, encountered the broadsides of José Guadalupe Posada. Charlot's enthusiasm for Posada resulted in the assembly of an extensive personal collection of his art.

Digitization Procedures

Covers and text of the 110 Biblioteca del Niño Mexicano pamphlets were scanned using an Epson-GT20000 flatbed scanner in 2014, OCR done using ABBYY Finereader.
Full text of the Biblioteca del Niño Mexicano pamphlets is available in the Library institutional repository []

All other prints were scanned on a KIC Avision A3 Bookedge Scanner FB6280E in 2020-2021. Many of the sheets are not square and images may show black borders or rough edges on the paper, as well as foldouts in the orientation they would be viewed with the physical item. Some of the broadsides were printed on thin paper and often the ink from the verso is visible on the recto when printed on both sides. Very little has been done to adjust the images, to give the most accurate representation as a digital surrogate of the original.