Hawaiian Kalo

About the Collection

The images and text in this site were produced and gathered by Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond, and issued in 1983 as A Pictorial Illustration of Hawaiian Kalo Varieties at Lyon Arboretum, With Descriptions from Taro Varieties in Hawaii. Most of the scans of the images in this site were done by Kamuela Yim. The remaining scans, grouping and assembling of images and texts, and linking to CTAHR images were done by the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Library in 2013-2014. A Pictorial Illustration of Hawaiian Kalo Varieties is available in the Hamilton Library Hawaiian Collection (http://uhmanoa.lib.hawaii.edu:7008/vwebv/holdingsInfo?bibId=9922). Taro Varieties in Hawaii can be found online at http://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/4327.

The binder of slides used as the basis of this site contains a memorandum to Dr. Wallace Mitchell, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Department of Entomology from Dr. Jaw-Kai Wang, University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Tropical Agriculture & Human Resources dated April 11, 1983. View the memo. The binder came to the Library by way of a donation from Ray Baker of the Lyon Arboretum in December 2003.

In May 2013 Dore A. Minatodani wrote to Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond:
I am writing from the Hawaiian Collection at UHM Library. We have a copy of your A Pictorial Illustration of Hawaiian Kalo Varieties at Lyon Arboretum with Descriptions from Taro Varieties in Hawaii. May we have your permission to digitize it and put it online? This is something that I think people would really appreciate having online.

Ms. Schattenburg-Raymond replied:
That would be great! If I recall correctly, I believe the Lyon Arboretum digitized the photos some years back. Iʻm not sure if they ever posted them publicly.

Texts and Presentations

Mana Variety

Description | Presentation

Eleele Variety

Description | Presentation

Kai Variety

Description | Presentation

Lauloa Variety

Description | Presentation

Manini Variety

Description | Presentation

Piko Variety

Description | Presentation

Ulaula Variety

Description | Presentation

Unclassified Varieties


Digitization Procedures

A CD disk of JPEG format images and MS Word documents of the text included in the binder of slides were used to create this site. The images are good quality scanned at 1200 dpi therefore the slides were not re-scanned. The existing JPG files do not contain embeded information about the date of creation or type of scanner/software used. The author states that a 35mm Pentax camera with Kodak ASA 64 film was used to photograph the plants.

A number of Powerpoint presentations created using the slides were also included on the CD disk and are included in this site. A document table titled Photo List was used to match Lyon Arboretum Accession Numbers, Photographer and date the slide was taken with the JPG image filenames.