Russian Posters

About the Collection

Our collection has 145 posters that have been digitized. For each poster the following information, if known, is given: the Russian title, translation to English; publisher; date; names of artists/text writers; broad subject category, and comments.

The posters were acquired from the 1970s until to late 1980s, primarily by University faculty. A large number were collected by Dr. James E. Brown in the Russian Language/Literature Department. Patricia Polansky, Russian Bibliographer in Hamilton Library, brought posters from 1977 when she had an IREX grant to do research in Leningrad and Moscow. Dr. Liam Kelly, who teaches in the UH History Department, studied Russian at Dartmouth for his BA in 1969 that included study in the Soviet Union. He donated several posters, one of which is the background poster for this website. Another donor is Carolyn Dennison, a librarian in our Science Department, who traveled in the fall of 1987 to Moscow and Leningrad. Howard Daniel, the cultural affairs officer at the American Consulate in Leningrad in the late 1970s, also donated his collection of posters.

Digitization Procedures

A SupraScan Quartz A1 flatbed scanner was used to digitize these posters.

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