Creating Siapo: American Samoa 1967

About the Collection

Creating Siapo: American Samoa 1967 is a collection of eighteen 35mm slides, shot by Joan Griffis in 1967. The slides were donated by Ms. Griffis to the University of Hawaii Manoa Library's Pacific Collection in 2009. All information on individual photographs (which appears in the "notes" field) was composed by Ms. Griffis.

Site Credits

Photographs and descriptive text: Joan Griffis
Site maintenance: Stu Dawrs, Pacific Collection Librarian, Hamilton Library
Scanning and data entry: Kristina S. Arnaldo, Pacific Collection student assistant, Hamilton Library

Digitization Procedures

All images in this database were scanned from 35mm slides, originally as 400dpi RGB tifs, scaled to 400 percent. They were later resized to the dimensions used in the database and saved as jpeg files. No other digital manipulation (cropping, color correction, etc.) has been used.