Social Movements

About the Collection

The Social Movements Collection consists of pamphlets, brochures, and periodicals about the labor movement in the United States as well as global radical political movements, including anarchism, communism, and fascism.

UHM Preservation Department initiated conservation of the collection in 2004 to ensure access to and preservation of this significant resource. The work of rehousing was performed by Preservation student interns. Scanning was directed and overseen by the Digital Collection and Repository Program of Desktop Network Services and carried out across several years, as time and funding allowed, largely by UHM students. The goal of UHM Library is to preserve this collection of pamphlets and to make certain texts available through digitization.

The Social Movements Collection is located in the UHM Library and serviced by the Archives & Manuscripts Department. Access is available by appointment only.


Mahalo to UHM students, staff and faculty who have contributed their expertise to preserve and make available the Social Movements Collection: Lynn Davis, Jon Fletcher, Kyle Hamada, Jonathan Jennings, Wing Leung, Akio Nakasone, Karen Peacock, Patricia Polansky, John Stephan, Sheri Somerville, Michael Soto, Beth Tillinghast, and Reid Toyama. 

Digitization Procedures

Various flatbed scanners have been used to digitize cover images, including Agfa DuoScan, Microtek Scanmaker 9800XL, Epson GT1500 and Canon DR-1210-C. Some of the digital images contain flaws or defects that are apparent in the originals, and many appear distorted or unaligned due to the original printing being the same. Additionally, handwritten notes, tears, or other markings or damages may appear on the images. Care has been taken to duplicate the originals as closely as possible, including mistakes or damages.