Trust Territory Archives Photograph Collection, circa 1958-1975

About the Collection

Those who have already utilized the collection include historians, ethnographic researchers, textbook authors, teachers, specialist in disaster relief, and economic development workers. The photograph collection can provide unique illustrations for academic monographs, textbooks, dissertations, theses, research papers and journal articles. This collection may also be used by those in Micronesian nations who are attempting to trace photographs of family members, as well as broader historical events.

When the University of Hawaii Library received the Trust Territory Archives Photograph Collection, there were photographs with and without negatives, and many negatives existed with no positive print copies or contact sheets. During the two-year project to produce a digitized database using photographs from the Trust Territory collection, Library staff have worked to create negative and positive copies for the files.

More information about the Trust Territory of the Pacific Archives is available on the main web site.

Digitization Procedures

Detailed information on the original digitization project is available on the Trust Territory of the Pacific Archives web site. Most images were scanned in 1992-1993 at resolutions between 72-100dpi. Part of the digitizing project involved providing descriptions of individual selected photographs to allow greater access to material in the collection.