Tourist industry take your feet off our face!


Tourist industry take your feet off our face!




"Hey folks, help Save Our Surf! THE STATE WANTS A BIGGER WAIKIKI BEACH AND SOME OTHER STUFF AGAIN! YUP, OUT IN OUR OCEAN! AND IT’LL AFFECT SURFIN' AREAS! Who for? -us locals?? Nah...for profits to hotel owners! Most all the big hotels
belong to Japan investors! They want us locals to pay from 10 to 15 MILLION BUCKS in taxes for piles of artificial sand, tourist walkways, submerged walls, and guess what - restrooms out in the bay! For tourists make peepee! All this while our local families got no house, live in tents, cars and bushes! Traffic congestion stinks. prices goin' up, school grades down! They're dumpin' raw sewage in our ocean, and a LOT more!"