State lies about Flies Surf!


State lies about Flies Surf!




[caption] This is FLIES surf with an average summer swell. On big days, white water waves cover twice this area! "ON BEHALF of big landowners Bishop and Ward estates, the state plans to destroy FLIES surf with this 24-acre parking lot in the ocean for 687 cars! Their scheme would replace FLIES surfing area with an artificial beach for luXury cruise ship tourists and "owners" of millionaire luxury suites on stolen Hawaiian lands in Kaka'ako! On their phony map here, the state reduced FLIES to a tiny spot and moved it nearly half a mile east of its true location! The pole on the right in above photo is the edge of Honolulu Harbor. Paid-off politicians expect to spend $30 million of our taxpayers' dollars to destroy Hawaii's historic surf and irreplaceable marine resources!"