Two surfers take off left and right


Two surfers take off left and right



c. 1993



caption: "Two surfers take off left and right on this well-formed five-to-six foot curl at Flies on September 13, '93. Note the Honolulu Harbor channel buoy to confirm location of the breaking wave. The photo was taken from the protruding revetment of huge rocks recently dumped along the once-gentle sloping shoreline to hide years of urban shoreline plunder by city refuse dumping. Dillingham’s dredging of 4,303 acres of natural coastline from Ke'ehi Lagoon to Waikiki, and more. Now turn back to the State’s and Army Corp’s map on page 3 and decide who's telling the truth about the size and location of Flies surfing area! And ask yourself whether automobile parking lots and toilets should be built offshore in Hawaii’s coastal zone - world capital of surfing!"