[West New Guinea]


[West New Guinea]

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c. 1955-08



"I'm pretty sure that's Dr. J.C. Anceaux in the foreground. That would make it somewhere in West New Guinea, and I think it looks like Sorong." (George Grace, April 2009) Dr. Grace's planned itinerary called for him to be in Jayapura (then known as Hollandia), on two separate occasions: From August 5 through 11 1955, and again beginning October 3, 1955. He didn't ultimately arrive there for the second time until November 3, 1955. Between then and the first week of March, 1956, he was largely in Jayapura, with one trip to Fakfak and Sorong that he estimates took between two and three weeks.) To read more about Dr. Grace's activities in the West New Guinea region, see TRIPP report 4 in our digitized documents. (Adobe PDF reader required.)

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