Hawaiian Kalo

This collection of images is based on the slide images and research material produced and gathered by Lisa Schattenburg-Raymond in 1983. The original material consists of a 3-ring binder of slides and text titled A Pictorial Illustration of Hawaiian Kalo Varieties at Lyon Arboretum with descriptions from Taro Varieties in Hawaii.

The binder contains a dedication page which reads:This project is dedicated to Don Anderson.His lifes work has been devoted to the collection, propagation, identification, and preservation of kalo.I thank him for his support and willingness to share his knowledge.

[Author's] Abstract: This project was undertaken with the intent of contributing to the existing knowledge in the area of Hawaiian kalo identification, and, with the hope that this information will encourage others In the preservation of all things Hawaiian; with special emphasis on our vanishing native flora. The scope of this project is to present in slide format, the 62 varieties of Hawaiian kalo found at Lyon Arboretum. Each variety will be presented by three separate pictures. 1) the entire plant, 2) the leaf blade, front and back, 3) the petiole. Each group of pictures will then be matched with the description of that variety written by Whitney, Bowers and Takahashi.Taro Varieties in Hawaii, Hawaii Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin No. 84, 1939. The College of Tropical Agriculture has an online catalog extracted from Taro Varieties in Hawaii.

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