Stanley Kaizawa Collection

The Stanley Kaizawa Collection consists of three groups: (1) 135 English translations of Kabuki play scripts that were censored by the Civil Censorship Detachment (CCD) of the Allied Forces of Japan, (2) audio tapes of Dr. James Brandon interviewing Stanley Kaizawa, and (3) three photo albums containing 360 photos and 14 pieces of ephemera. The digitized photos and items in the three albums contain: (1) Bromides gifted to Kaizawa by Kabuki actors whom he had befriended. Many of the bromides have actors' autographs and short messages addressed to Kaizawa, (2) photos taken by Kaizawa to capture CCD activities and the censors' interactions with ordinary Japanese people, and (3) various memorabilia that Kaizawa had collected.

Collection Items