Page 49 – Water-storage tissue


Page 49 – Water-storage tissue



c. 1940



Fig. 42 . Water-storage tissue. Adaxial portion of the chlorophyllaceous region of fully developed turgid leaves to show the types of cells which form this tissue. A, section showing: ep, epidermis; hpc, first row of hypodermal cells; hpc₁, second row of hypodermal-(i.e., collenchyma-)like cells; wsc, first row of cells of water-storage tissue; wsc₁, second row of cells of water-storage tissue; wsc₂. third row of cells of water-storage tissue (palisade-like). B, section showing straight-walled palisade-like cells of the central rows of the water-storage tissue, which are more characteristic for the pineapple than the utriculiform, as in C, which are also found in this plant. (A and B, longitudinal, i.e., radial, sections; C, transverse section). X100.