Page 58 – Stomata


Page 58 – Stomata



c. 1940



Fig. 51 . Stomata. Abaxial epidermis (in surface view) of seedling leaves to show the arrangement, type and structure of stomata in an early-formed leaf having elongated epidermal cells, A, and in a later-formed leaf, having shorter epidermal cells, B. C shows the stomatal structure in greater detail with the outlines of the subepidermal cells indicated with broken lines. gc, guard cell; lac, lateral accessory cell; mgc, may be a stomatal mother cell; pac, polar accessory cell; sa, stomatal aperture; ssc, substomatal chamber; ssr, cell of substomatal ring, containing chloroplasts (the remaining suberideramal cells contain no chloroplasts). Arrow indicated the direction of the main axis of the leaf). A and B, X100; C, X350.