Page 65 – Trichomes


Page 65 – Trichomes



c. 1940



Fig. 58 . Trichomes. A. Surface view of trichome heads on the abaxial surface of the mid-basal (i.e., non-chlorophyllaceous) region of a 3-months old seedling leaf to show different stages in the (acropetal) development of the trichome head; a, resents the first visible trichome; b, a trichome 0.6 mm. beyond a; and c, a trichome 1.0 mm. beyond b. B. Transition from the type of trichome head with small cells to that of one with large cells (shown in acropetal development). The broken line represents the cross section of a trichome stalk. (This marked change in two adjacent trichomes is not usual). X340.