Page 67 – Trichomes


Page 67 – Trichomes



c. 1940



Fig. 60 . Trichomes. Surface views of the adaxial epidermis of the basal (i.e., non-chlorophyllaceous) region of a fully differentiated leaf from a 6-months old plant to show the types of scattered (i.e., isolated) trichomes found in this region. Some of these trichome heads resemble those found in the nodal region of the stem (see Figs. 29, 30). A, 175μ; B, 600μ; C and D, 800μ from the very base of the leaf. In B and C, the thickness of the line for the cell walls of both the epidermal layer and the trichome heads does not actually represent the true thickness of of these walls. Each epidermal cell contains a small silica body. X340.