Page 68 – Trichome


Page 68 – Trichome



c. 1940



Fig. 61 . Trichome. Surface view of a trichome from the adaxial epidermis of the basal (i.e., non-chlorophyllaceous) region of a fully differentiated leaf of a 6-months old plant to show one of the scattered (i.e., isolated) trichome types in this region (0.6 mm. above the very base of the leaf). Notice that the central cell (i.e., one of the daughter cells of the initial trichome head cell) is not further divided; this is not usually the case (see Figs. 58, 60). This shaped isolated trichome resembles those of the epidermis of the nodal region of the stem (see Figs 29, 30). X340.