Page 02: Unit Emblems


Page 02: Unit Emblems



c. 1943


Emblems of the units that served in Hawaii in the 1930s.
1st row: (1) feather in circle is Division Headquarters and Special Troops patch; (2) probably a green pineapple [sic - most likely a taro leaf] in a circle is Division headquarters patch for Schofield Barracks; (3) octagon with stylized H is Davison Headquarters patch for Fort Shafter.
2nd row: (1) Chemical battalion patch; (2) 15th Coast Artillery Company patch; (3) 35th Infantry patch; (4) 16th Coast Artillery Company patch; (5) Harbor Defense of Pearl Harbor.
3rd row: (1) 55th Coast Artillery Company patch; (2) 27th Infantry patch; (3) 21st Infantry patch; (4) 11th Field Artillery patch.
4th row: (1) 41st Coast Artillery Company patch; (2) 8th Field Artillery patch; (3) 3rd Engineers battalion patch; (4) 19th Infantry patch; (5) 13th Field Artillery patch.