Save Liese's lunchwagon!


Save Liese's lunchwagon!



c. 1974



Ever come in tired and starved after hours of riding the Bowl, Rockpile or Kaiser's? Sure, and head straight for a grind at Liese's Lunchwagon. So have thousands of us Ala Mo riders.

• So who saves us from the agony of hunger?

• Who feeds us anyway when we're broke?

• Who comforts kids that are lost, injured or runaway?

• Who put in a phone so we can call home for a pickup at day's end?

• Who keeps bandaids on hand for our cuts, wana pokes and scratches?

• Who is the informal Ala Wai information center for newcomers?

• Who adds a touch of humanity to a cement jungle of ripoff hotels & restaurants?

To all of these questions the answer is "MAMA-LISA". Mama-Lisa operates Liese's lunchwagon at chromium plated Ala Wai yacht harbor.


After 5 years of mellow service to all us surfers, swimmers, fishermen, boaters and plain people at Ala Wai, Liese's is now threatened by M. Lepine, chief of the State Harbors Division. He closed her down Saturday on the phoney basis of the wagon being over 200 feet from a restroom—yet Lepine's department gave her the location in 1969. Lepine speaks and acts for the plastic hotels and fat cats who want Mama-Lisa, along with us surfers and locals, out of Ala Wai.

So we're having a rally at Liese's lunchwagon this Friday at 4 p.m. To sign petitions. To support Mama-Lisa. To make plans to keep her and her lunchwagon here. And to remind state officials we won't be pushed around!

We surfers and friends stopped Lepine from building a 32-acre parking lot on the Bowl in '69. We stopped Lepine from putting in parking meters at Ala Wai and exposed his lies. We stopped Lepine from ripping off 6 acres of Ala Moana reef for another parking lot in May. And we're going to stop Lepine from evicting Mama-Lisa, too!

SO PLEASE BE THERE! (TV and newspaper reporters will cover the rally!)

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