Save our surf - controversy over the resort complex for the Kalama Valley


Save our surf - controversy over the resort complex for the Kalama Valley







Dear student:
The current controversy Over the thirty-thousand person resort-complex planned by Bishop Estate & Kaiser-Aetna Corporation for the Kalama Valley. Queens Beach area directly concerns you. This development will most certainly cause a highway to be built on the reef from Black Point to Portlock in order to handle the resulting traffic, as well as the loss of the relatively uncrowded, (compared to after the development), body-surfing beaches of Makapuu and Sandy Beach.

We are young and cannot vote, but S.O.S. got 12 bills through the Legislature last year. This means that young people will be heard if, and only if, they will stand to be counted.

This is an election year. Issues are hot. Any public action we take now will be magnified by that fact. In the near future we are planning a demonstration against the Kalama development. We will let you know when, where and how etc. later.

Here is your chance to affect Government policy and your future. You can stop the Kalama monstrosity and get lethargic politicians to represent you only if you actively participate in the coming demonstration. Whether or not to take action is probably the most important political decision you will make in the next year. Please, Act!

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