Waikiki Today!


Waikiki Today!




WAlKIKI TODAY! A few facts: Over half (65%) of these hotels are owned by Japan investors. Kenji Osano, one of the world's richest billionaires, a notorious crook and friend of yakuza killers, bought the Royal Hawaiian, Sheraton, Surfrider, Moana, Princess Ka'iulani and others through Kyo Ya Co. He was also biggest stockholder in Japan and Korea-Japan airlines. Now dead, Osano was convicted in Japan of taking a $12 million payoff from U.S. Lockheed Corporation for purchase of jet planes. His pals in Hawai'i include millionaire Bishop Estate trustees who lease the stolen lands under some of these largest hotels in Hawai'i to Kyo Ya. Very little of tourism's loot passes to Hawai'i hotel workers, for junk work, split shifts and poor promotions. Only 22% of Waikiki hotel workers are 1ocals!