Hawaiian Rights Rally at the Capitol


Hawaiian Rights Rally at the Capitol






Focus on Fairness.

Hawaiian Rights Rally at the Capitol TODAY! (Monday) from 10 a.m. to sunset.

If you are concerned about the plight of Native hawaiians, let your voice be heard at the Capitol this Monday, April 26, from 10 am to sunset. Join us, Hawaiians and non-Hawaiians alike, as we stand up before our legislature for Hawaiian rights and the future of Hawaii.

*The constitutionally mandated rights of the hawaiian people are being virtually ignored.
*The long-standing debt from the Public Land Trust remains unpaid.
*Legislators have yet to take action on issues such as ceded lands, tuition waivers and many others.
*Native Hawaiian health, education and housing standards continue to languish.

Our legislators must be reminded that these issues will not go away. It takes strong leadership to heal the wrongs of the past. It's time to remind our legislators of their duty to the indigenous people of this state.

"E Pupukahi" - When we all come together, then we can move forward.

If you cannnot attend the rally, please call your legislator at 587-0478 and urger him or her to be strong and not disregard Hawaiians in these final days of the 1999 legislative session.

A message from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs - Working for a better Hawaii. www.oha.org