OTA Camp Makibaka!!


OTA Camp Makibaka!!



c. 1972



OTA Camp Makibaka!!
Self-determination for the OTA Camp residents, Hawaii's poor and working people!! Stop the eviction!! Walang Matakot! Sariling- determinacion para sa mga mamayan ng kampo sa OTA, mga pobring tao at trabahante sa Hawaii!! Ihinto ang pagpaalis!! For you to Kokua, Call: 671-0628, or mail to:OTA Camp Tenants Assoc. Box 384 Waipahu, Hawaii


From comments: "Kokua Hawaii member James Young living in Ota Camp took the photograph, and another member Gary Kubota did the layout for it, and it was reviewed and approved by Ota Camp leader Pete Tagalog. Hundreds were printed and distributed circa late 1971 and early 1972 to promote resistance to the eviction. The posters were paid by Kokua Hawaii and the proceeds of selling some posters went to the Ota Camp Makibaka Community Association. -- Aloha, Gary Kubota"

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