The shocking truth


The shocking truth




The shocking truth, Doug, is that nearly all of about 150 surfing sites along Oahu's south shore will be destroyed in ten years, some immediately.

We have been studying these plans. They were drawn up by the state and military.

They show offshore construction, on and beyond the reefs - hotels, parking lots, stone walls, various commercial enterprises, and a freeway along this reef to Koko Head. In several cases, blueprints are alread approved. Bids will be opened in a few months.

Q: What do the officals say to the surfers?

The engineers and public officals seem to be blindly following orders. They usually tell us, "We didn't know people surf out there." But you know, Doug, Hawaiian waters have been surfed for centuries. The Hawaiians invented surfing! It will be a tragedy for all Hawaii if the state is allowed to go ahead.

Q: Where does the pressure for this construction come from?

All of these are directly or indirectly the result of pressure from profit-seeking enterprises. The state and the army act as midwife. but I ask you, what profit is to be found for the people in destroying Hawaii's surf? What profit in boxing our youth into