We won it! Help save it! Sand Island Park


We won it! Help save it! Sand Island Park



c. 1990



The State and Army Corps plan to destroy the surfing area and family tidal pools - for tourism! Saturday June 30, 1990 at makai shoreline! Derek Ho! Dane Kealoha! Ben Aipa! Tony Moniz! Darren Tatsuno! and more! Pot luck! Bands! Music! Jokum & Satire! Help save the Park for locals! Figure 2: "PREVAILING SOUTHEAST SWELLS REFLECTED FROM THE PROPOSED MODIFIED THOUSAND-FOOT LONG REVETMENT PRESENT A SIGNIFICANT EROSION DANGER TO THE MAIN SAND ISLAND PARK BEACH. THIS UNTESTED PROBABILITY
IS NOT ADDRESSED IN THE PROJECT'S EIS." "Refracted short-period open ocean SE swells from NE tradewinds prevail 86% of the year. (EIS figure 3 airport data shows 63% northeasterly winds but airport data does not reflect open ocean trade winds that generate prevailing NE swells)"