Save Kaimu! But for whom?


Save Kaimu! But for whom?




"The youth of Hawaii - No! Millionaire developers' profits - Yes! So say Mayor Kimura and the County Council. They asked the Army to help destroy Ksimu's surf, to stop erosion, they said. But Councilman
Yamada wants a swimming hole for his tourists. The Army is willing - unless we people of Hawaii stop them! FACTS: THE WALL WILL DESTROY PRIME SURFING SITES AT KAIMU. HAWAII HAS FEWER SURFING SITES FOR ITS SIZE THAN ANY OTHER ISLAND. KAIMU, IN HAWAIIAN, MEANS: "Gathering at the sea to watch surfing." (Dictionary, Place Names of Hawaii, by Mary Rowena Pukui and Samuel Elbert.) HAWAII COUNTY GENERAL PLAN SAYS.- "The shoreline shall be protected from the encroachment of man-made improvements and structures." THEY IGNORE THEIR OWN LAWS. US TAXPAYBRS WILL PAY $1 MILLION FOR A DANGEROUS AND UGLY WALL THAT WILL NOT STOP EROSION BUT WILL DESTROY OUR HAWAIIAN SURF!"