Save our sea!


Save our sea!




"A gang called “Voyager Submarines-flawaiiSWSH) wants to dump junk ships outside Ala Moana Park to attract fish for tourist viewing for VSH’s PRIVATE PROFIT! Atlantis Submarine did the same in Waikiki with rotten ships, a barge of rocks and a busted airplane. Famous Waikiki bay was spread with debris during big surf! Surfers and lifeguards reported increase in shark sightings. Holding hands with VSH, the state said: “Get an alternative site.” So VSH plans to dump ships outside Ala Moana! Signs on tall poles at the dump-site will DENY SWIMMERS, SURFERS, AND FISHERMEN ACCESS TO THE AREA FROM SUNUP TO SUNDOWN! PRIVATIZING THE OCEAN FUR PROFITS MUST BE STOPPED!"