Samoan Dance


Samoan Dance

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c. 1844


Atlas accompanying v. 1-5: 33 x 25 cm. Half-title: United States exploring expedition. By authority of Congress. Vol. 10, Atlas, has imprint: New York, G. P. Putnam; London, Putnam's American agency [n.d.] Published under act of Congress of Aug. 26, 1842, which provided: "That there shall be account of the discoveries made by the Exploring expedition under the command of Lieutenant Wilkes...which account shall be...published in a form similar to the voyage of the Astrolabe, lately published by the government of France." By the same act, the edition was limited to 100 copies... The publication was never completed. Five volumes are unpublished: v. 18 Botany, by Asa Gray; v. 19, Geographical distribution of animals and plants, by Charles Pickering; v. 21-22, Ichthyology, by Louis Agassiz; v. 24, Physics, by Charles Wilkes. Vol. 19 was partly printed, and left in sheets... Volumes of unfinished plates - some of them in proof before lettering - are found, without t.-p. or other printed matter. The Library of Congress has two such volumes: one of 71 pl. (4 col.) from the atlases to Botany, and one of 32 col. pl., 28 of which belong to the unpublished v. 21-11, Icthyology, and 4 to v. 12, Mollusca and shells. Vol. 8 was first published as Mammalia and ornithology, by Titian R. Peale...Philadelphia, Printed by C. Sherman, 1848. This volume was later suppressed and replaced by the one by John Cassin. Scanned from 3 x 5 inch negative.

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United States exploring expedition. During the year 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. Under the command of Charles Wilkes, U.S.N...

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