Winane (c. Joseph's father) (L. Hilaire, R. Joseph)


Winane (c. Joseph's father) (L. Hilaire, R. Joseph)

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c. 1955-04



"The man on the left, Hilaire, was my informant for the Nadubea language. I don't recall who Joseph or his father were." -George Grace (November 2006) Dr. Grace was in New Caledonia on two separate occasions during his travels. The first visit occurred sometime in late January or early February of 1955, lasted less than a week, and was spent entirely in Noumea. The second visit was from roughly March 30 to July 15, 1955, and included the northern regions of the island as well. To read more about Dr. Grace's activities in New Caledonia, see TRIPP reports 1 & 2 in our digitized documents. (Adobe PDF reader required.)

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