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Poster Artist Rick Moses Information -- 2012-11-07

The SOS website banner is using the center piece of the "Hawaii's Shoreline In Crisis" poster artwork I airbrushed for John [Kelly]. It was for a People's Conference at Roosevelt High School in December of 1971. My signature and 1971 date are in at the 3 o'clock position on the "center piece" of the poster.

My first son had just been born (December 17), and he is depicted as the "fishboy" jumping the waves. The soda can has been eliminated fromn the piece on the website. John asked for a pollution item to be included, hence the soda can flying in the air. It was a free spirited airbrushed piece, using a circle cut out of cardboard with hand cut waves, surfer on his board, "fishboy" (with son's profile). Started at the top, and sprayed it in about fifteen minutes. I still have the top lettering piece (called a "frisket"), of the "Hawaii's Shoreline in Crisis". John added the word "through" between the 28 and 30 dates. All other lettering is mine.

I have this poster at home. It has the crease line in the middle, depicted on your scan in ANNOUNCEMENTS (99) on Page two. John added the half-tone dot pattern and blew it up larger than my original air brushed art I had done on a white illustration board. He gave me a my copy of the poster and it was folded in half when I got it.

The Passing of John Kelly -- 2007-10-06

Image courtesy of Ed Greevy

On Oct. 3, 2007, John Kelly passed away. We are saddened to hear of his death. If you knew John, the Kellys or their cohorts, if you were active with SOS, of if you are just one of those people who knew what was going on at the time, please share your knowledge. Use the Comments link on each image's page to add what you know to that image's record. Dates, names, places, corrections, your memories - whatever - we and other site visitors would like to hear from you. Comments will be moved to the main record, as time and staffing is available. Mahalo!

Proposal Funded -- 2005-11-18

"Save Our Surf, a Grassroots Organization" received $3,075.00 from the UH Manoa Diversity and Equity Initiative to fund scanning of a unique collection of primary resource materials produced by the Save Our Surf group. More about funding