Street view at Honolulu


Street view at Honolulu




"THIS DRAWING from the mid-1800's shows a haole (foreign) missionary wife being hauled through Honolulu in a slave cart brought here from the USA. Missionaries came from slave-owning United States whose first president - George Washington - was a slave-owner along with Thomas Jefferson. writer of the U.S. Constitution. So don't be surprised to find that haole missionaries looked at us dark-skinned Kanaka Maoli (indigenous people) as potential slaves as shown in this downtown scene. For further proof of racist plunder of our people see the charts on the mahele and resulting land monopoly today. The U.S. revolution ended Britain's 200-year control of America as a slave colony. But it didn't end slavery in the U.S. which continued another 89 years until the Civil War. Neither the Revolution nor the Civil War ended U.S. foreign military control over us sovereign nations and peoples of Hawai'i. Guam, "American" Samoa, Puerto Rico and the millions of indigenous American Indian Nations to this day! Save Our Surf - For info, Phone 735-0547"