Hawaiian Music Collection - Royal Hawaiian Band: Group Biography

The Royal Hawaiian Band is one of the oldest and most important bands in Hawaii and the oldest municipal band in the United States. Its origins reach back to 1836 during the reign of Kamehameha III. The band was first known as a group of wandering musicians who were formed to become the "King's Band." It soon became a staple in daily life, performing for state functions, funerals and marching in parades. The band accompanied reigning monarchs at the time and took frequent trips to the outer islands to perform. The band continued to grow in prominence and popularity and today the Royal Hawaiian Band is an agency of the City and County of Honolulu, HI and employs 40 full time positions. The band performs and marches in over 300 concerts and parades each year. Hawaiian music is at the heart and soul of the Royal Hawaiian Band and at every concert; audiences are treated to songs of the islands from the past to the present.

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