Petition to Mayor Frank Fasi


Petition to Mayor Frank Fasi


c. 1988



WE UNDERSIGNED Windward and Leeward O'ahu farmers and all-O'ahu consumers of food products strongly protest the arrogant decision of the Board of Water Supply to increase water rates for farmers by 64% in spite of powerful and unanimous evidence to the contrary presented in public testimonies. The increase
would:l-DESTROY MANY FARMS AND FARMERS' LIVELIHOODS! 2-INCREASE WELFARE COSTS FOR UNEMPLOYED FARMERS! 3-RAISE EVERYONE'S FOOD COSTS! 4-STRIKE A DEATH BLOW AT O'AHU AGRICULTURE! 5-PROMOTE STILL MORE URBAN "DEVELOPERS' DISEASE!" YOU YOURSELF; Mr. Mayor, testified against the proposed water rate increase. Yet you have done nothing to cleanse your Board of Water Supply bureaucracy of pipelines clogged with the self interest of large landowners and developers dictating water policy from the sidelines while planning new higher urban profits with the death of farming! WE THEREFORE DEMAND THAT YOU IMMEDIATELY TAKE THE NECCESSARY STEPS TO REPLACE THE ENTIRE BOARD OF WATER SUPPLY AND ENGINEER KAZU HAYASHIDA WITH PEOPLE THAT CAN THINK FOR THEMSELVES, RESPOND TO THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, AND DISENTANGLE FROM PUPPETEERS' STRINGS OPERATED FROM ABOVE!