Hawaiian Music Collection - Perry, Al Kealoha: Performer Biography

Al Kealoha Perry was born Feb 2, 1901 in Kohala, Hawaii, to a Hawaiian mother and English father. He died on Sep 24, 1979 in San Francisco. He began singing in 1929 with the Aloha Temple Shrine Chanters, and in 1935 he led the Honolulu Hale Glee Club. The latter singers became the "Hawaii Calls" program's Singing Surfriders when Al Perry joined Webley Edwards, who was the long time host. While some records were released under Perry's name, he is best known as the musical director on over 25 "Hawaii Calls" records that came from the long time popular radio and television series of the same name. Perry was inducted into the Hawaiian Entertainers Hall of Fame in 1974.

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